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Gray Family Reunion Photos

Crookwell, NSW, Australia. 29th - 31st October 2010
Photography and web site hosting by Kae and Evan Lewis

Chapter 1 Gerry Dalton's introduction and many old photos.
Chapter 2 Photos of people taken as they registered. Photos by Tom Wood.
Chapter 3 Old photos of the Seary family.
Chapter 14 Photos of all the people who attended the dinner and dance. Photos by Evan Lewis.
Chapter 22 Article about the reunion published in the Crookwell Historic Society Newsletter and newspapers.

Group Photo: This is provided on a separate web site so that you can download a large high quality file ready for printing. Click: www.DJTricities.com/Group

Pejar Mary: Web site by Kae Lewis with a lengthy article about Pejar Mary:

Instructions: 213 people registered at the reunion. You can view over 850 photos individually or as a slide show and download medium quality photos from the web site as follows: Click a chapter folder. Choose a small thumbnail photo and click it. Let the mouse pointer stop over each control button at the top of the page to see information about what they do. At the bottom right corner of each enlarged photo you will see a small square box with an arrow pointing down to it. Click on that to display the photo without a frame around it. Go to the File menu and choose Save As... Then you can attach it to an email or print it. However, this will be a medium quality print. If you want the original large file for high quality printing it will require a broadband connection as each photo is 3-7 MB. Make note of the Chapter number and photo number and contact Tom and Gerry Dalton by email: TomNGerryTravel at hotmail.com or DrEvanLewis at gmail.com (replace ' at ' with @).

Chapter 1 Introduction - Gerry Dalton's slide show
Chapter 2 Photos of people taken during Registration
Chapter 3 Old Seary Family photos
Chapter 4 Showgrounds
Chapter 5 Random Shots-outside
Chapter 6 Random Shots-inside
Chapter 7 Display Boards
Chapter 8 Presentations
Chapter 9 Cutting The Cake
Chapter 10 Pejar Mary's House & Farm Visit
Chapter 11 Group Photos
Chapter 12 Bonnets
Chapter 13 Signature Wall Hanging
Chapter 14 Reunion Dinner & Dance
Chapter 15 Cemetery-Gray's Graves
Chapter 16 Cemetery-Crookwell
Chapter 17 Trinity Hill House-Derrett
Chapter 18 Gum Trees on Crookwell Road
Chapter 19 Old Cemetery at Goulburn-Derrett
Chapter 20 Wind Farm in Crookwell
Chapter 21 Crookwell Town Today
Chapter 22 Gray Reunion story for CDHS Dec 2010 newslettter

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