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Notes on the building of St Paul's Church.

St. Paul's Church Yard - Burial Ground; Crypt.

Rectors and Curates of St. Paul's with biographical notes.



St Paul's Interior window. August 2013.
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Taken from Charles A. Webster's The Diocese of Cork, 1920 p. 156:
On the formation of the parish of St. Paul the right of presentation remained with the Earl of Kildare and the Earl of Barrymore alternately, as the patrons of St. Mary Shandon, but the right was sometimes sold by one of them for a turn, and we find presentation made by members of the Buchanan and of the Longfield families.

The Rectors of St. Paul's with biographical notes

Henry Maule, (1676 - 1758) T.C.D., B.A. (1696), LL.B & LL.D (1719) is not recognized as the first Rector of St. Paul's, however he was involved, perhaps in an oversight position during the construction of the church from about 1723 to September 1726. This bishop and educational reformer, was born in Arklow, Co. Wicklow, the son of William Maule, comptroller of the customs at Dublin, and Jane, daughter of Roger West. He was ordained in 1699 and in 1702 he was beneficed in the diocese of Cloyne. In 1706 he was appointed Rector of St. Mary, Shandon in Cork where he presided over the establishment of almshouses and a charity school. In 1720 he was appointed Dean of Cloyne. Just prior to the first Divine service being held at St. Paul's, Maule was promoted to the office of Bishop of Cloyne. He retained that position until 1732 when he was raised as the Bishop of Dromore; followed by his appointment as the Bishop of Meath from 1744-1758. He married Lady Anne Barry, a daughter of Richard Barry, 2nd Earl of Barrymore and Martha Lawrence, his second wife. Following the death of Anne, Maule married twice again, first Catherine Rooth, formerly Stawell, and second, in 1725, Dorothy Roffen (d. 1755), a widow of Rossmore. His portrait can be seen in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Maule died at the Episcopal residence at Ardbraccan, Co. Meath 13 April 1758. (Trinity College, Cat., 378; ODNB; Brady, I, 304; Montgomery-Massingerd 40 & 73; Cadogan, 198-9)

1726, 19 September: The first Incumbent, Edward Sampson, A.M., was presented to the Rectory of St. Paul, in the city of Cork, [vacant by promotion of Dr. Henry Maule, the last incumbent (according to Brady)]. He was instituted 3 October 1726, and celebrated the first divine service at St. Paul's on the 9th of that month. Sampson, the son of Richard Sampson, for many years the Deputy Registrar of the Diocese of Cork and Ross was born in Cork and when seventeen years old entered T.C.D. as Pensioner on 21 June, 1702. He was a scholar, 1706, B.A. (1707) M.A. (1710). From 1726 to 1727, he was Rector of St. Paul's, Cork, and Vicar at Dunboyne and Kilbride, in Meath. He resigned both these livings, and in 1728 became Archdeacon of Aghadoe. He married Clotilda-Barbara Lisle and by her left issue, at his death in 1734, a son, Edward and three daughters, Barbara (who married Henry Pilkington, Esq., of Tore), Alice, and Anne. (Brady, I, 304; Trinity College, Cat., 502; Smith, 337; Notes and Queries, 1858, 511)

1727, July 27: George Sandford, entered T.C.D. as Pensioner, 9 July 1716, B.A. (1721) A.M. (1724). Sandford became Rector of St. Paul's, vacant by resignation of Sampson, and on presentation of the Earl of Kildare, dated 3 July 1727. The son of Henry Sandford, George was born in Dublin about 1711. Perhaps this is the same George Sandford who in 1749 was made Dean of Ardfert. (Brady, I, 304-5; Trinity College, Cat., 503)

1733, June 9: John Herbert, A.M., Rector St. Paul's, vacant by resignation of Sandford, and on presentation of the Earl of Barrymore, dated 22 May 1733. Herbert was also Priest Killanully. He was the son of Arthur Herbert of Currens, Co. Kerry and Mary, daughter and heir of George Bastable of Castle Island (Brady, I, 305; Burke, 1895, 201)

1741, August 15: Peter Bristow, A. M. (1761), Rector at St. Paul's, (vacant by death of Herbert), was presented by the Earl of Kildare, the patron. The son of Roger Bristow, Peter Bristow was born in county Antrim, and when eighteen years old entered T.C.D. as Pensioner, 12 May 1719. Besides his term at St. Paul's, he was appointed Vicar at Ballyfeard (1751) & Rector Agabulloge, Cloyne (1761), all three of which he retained until his death in January 1769, at Bath. He was author of a comedy, 'The Harlequins', London. 8vo. 1753. (Brady, I, 305; Cotton, 1851, 283-4)

1769, May 6: Samuel Meade, A.B. Rector St. Paul's, vacant by death of Bristow. Richard, Earl of Barrymore was his patron. Samuel, the son of Samuel Meade, 'generosi,' was born in Cork, and became a Pensioner at T.C.D. on 7 December 1739 when eighteen years old. He was a Scholar in 1743. From 1761 to 1768 he was Curate of St. Peter's, Cork. In 1769 Meade became Rector St. Paul's; in 1777 Sacrist of Clonfert and Archdeacon of Kilmacduagh; and in 1784 Rector at Kilnemartery, Cloyne, holding all these livings until his death in 1788. He married Abigail Cope, sister of Walter Cope, Bishop of Ferns. In the marriage licence, dated 29 April 1758, he is described as 'Rev. Samuel Meade, of Tuam.' By her he left a daughter, Arabella Sarah Abigail, wife of Nicholas Archdall, of Springfield, near Leaslip, who afterwards inherited the fortune of his wife's uncle, the Bishop, and took the arms of Cope. The Rev. Samuel Meade married, secondly, in 1769, Grace Townsend, of Clondrohid, but by her had no issue. In his will dated 1 October 1784 and proved at Cork in 1788, he desired to be buried near his first wife, in the family vault, near the chancel of Christchurch, Cork. He bequeathed to the poor of St. Barry's, of Christchurch and of St. Paul's, £3 each. Archdeacon Meade was buried on 17 May 1788, at Christchurch, Cork. (Brady, I, 305-6)

1789, March 18: Thomas Buchanan, the younger, T.C.D. Scholar 1784, A.B. (1786), became Rector St. Paul's, vacant by death of Meade, and on presentation of Thomas Buchanan, the elder, of Tipperary, county Tipperary. On 16 October 1788, being presented to the Rectory of St. Paul's, he received letters dimissory for Priest's orders to any other Bishop. On 15 April 1790 he married Anne Allen at Christchurch, Cork and by her had issue. Buchanan died on 1 May 1794 at Lisbon in Portugal where he went for the benefit of his health. (Brady, I, 306; Trinity College, Cat., 73; Anthologica Hibernia, 477; Index to BMD)

1794, October 9: George Sealy, T.C.D. B.A. (1778) M.A. (1783) LL.B. & LL.D. (1791), Rector, St. Paul's, on presentation of Right Honourable Richard Longfield. The son of George Sealy, Esq., of Bandon, by Anne, daughter of Rev. Richard Baldwin, of Kilbrittain, George Sealy was ordained Deacon by the Bishop of Waterford and Lismore, and afterwards was ordained Priest by the Bishop of Cork, on 4 March 1781. He was licensed to the Curacy of Kilbrittain and Rathclaren on 24 March 1780. He was Vicar Inchigeelah from 1791 to 1838; and Rector St. Paul's from 1794 to 1838, though from the summer of 1822 through to at least February 1824, he resided in Bath, 'in consequence of indisposition' and 'confined for sometime in bed', but 'is to return to work as soon as he is convalescent'. In 1807 Dr. Sealy resided in Cork and held Inchigeelah by faculty. In 1833 he was non-resident due to 'old age and infirmity'; and in 1837 he was residing at Bath, being 'incapacitated due to age'. In 1787, the Corporation of Cork admitted the Rev. John Sealy of Bandon as a freeman at large. In 1791 Sealy married Alicia, daughter of Anthony Lane, Esq., but by her had no issue. In 1810 he was residing at South Mall, Cork. Some time prior to 1820 he took the additional surname of Baldwin on succeeding to the property of his maternal uncle, Winthrop Baldwin, Esq., of Bath. He was President of the Cork Library Society, in 1820, 1824 and possibly other years. George Sealy Baldwin died 29 May 1838 and was buried near his wife in the Abbey Church at Bath. (Brady, I, 306-7; Trinity College, Cat., 505; Caulfield, 1025; JCHAS 1905, 84; West, 92; Pigot, 1824; Great Britain, Clergy-Returns, 1824, 31; Great Britain, Curates, 1833, 19)

1838, July 26: Francis De Montmorenci St. George, (1811-1882) A.B., Rector St. Paul's, on presentation of his Grace the Duke of Leinster. Francis, son of Thomas Bligh St. George (who was the son of Sir Richard St. George, Bart., of Woodsgift), by Hannah, daughter of Sir Hercules Langrishe, was born in Dublin on 11 June 1811 and when sixteen years old entered T.C.D. on 22 October 1827. He married 31 October 1839 Jemima the daughter of Thomas Newcomen Edgeworth of Kilshewley, Co. Longford and had two sons, both died without issue. Thomas Edgeworth St. George was the first. Hercules Langrishe St. George, the second son, died from an accidental gunshot at Little Island, Cork on 31 January 1856 at the age of 13. Mr. St. George and his son were out in a boat in Foaty Bay shooting waterfowl. On their return, the latter was taking a loaded gun from the boat, when something caught the trigger, and the entire charge passed through his body, causing instant death. A memorial tablet was placed at St. Paul's Church in his memory. Francis and Jemima St. George had two daughters - Marion Hannah married to Nicholas Wise of Kilbarry, and M. J. Annette married to Joseph Rawlins; both daughters had issue. The Rev. Francis de M. St. George died on 4 January 1882 in his 71st year, having served as Rector at St. Anne's, Shandon from 1865 onwards. It is noted that in 1845, St. George was residing at 4, Mount Verdon Terrace, Cork, and in 1860 at Blackrock by reason of ill health. Likely, this is the same person as Francis St. George, T.C.D., B.A. 1832. (Brady, I, 307; Cole, 108-9 & 135; Urban, 1839, 89; Urban, 1856, 323; Crockford, 1868, 772; Cork Archives Institute; Trinity College, Cat., 532)

1865: Thomas Hugo Longfield, T.C.D. B.A. (1851) M.A. (1857), unmarried, died 17 March 1869 at George Street, Hanover Square. He was ordained Deacon at Cork 11 March 1855, for the curacy of Clondrohid, Cloyne, and this he held until 1865 when he became Rector at St. Paul's. Longfield was the son of Rev. Robert Longfield, Vicar of Clonfert (Newmarket) and Cherry, the daughter and heiress of Thomas Hugo, of Drunmeen, Co. Wicklow. (Cole, 135-6; Trinity College, Cat., 353; Thompson, S., 429)

1869: Samuel Owen Madden, T.C.D. B.A. (1854) M.A. (1861) D.D. (1883), the son of Owen Madden, J.P. of Mallow by his wife Sarah, daughter of Samuel Tarrant of Mallow, was born at that town 6 September 1831. He was ordained in 1857 at Killaloe for the curacy of Buttevant and subsequently held positions at St. Peter's, Cork (Curate; 1858) and at St. Fin Barre's Cathedral (Vic. Choral; 1867) and Vicar at St. John (1867-69), before coming to St. Paul's in 1869 as Rector. It was at this time that the offices of Vicar at St. John and Reader at St. Fin Barre's appear to have been discontinued. Prior to leaving St. Paul's in 1875 he was also Precentor of Cork, 1874. From 1875 to 1890, Madden was Rector at Holy Trinity (Christ Church), Cork; in 1878 he became Dean of Cork and in 1890, Canon of Tymothan in St. Patrick's National Cathedral. On the 16th of January 1875, while still Rector of St. Paul's, Madden delivered a well received lecture for the Y.M.C.A at the Ball Room of the Queen's Hotel in Mallow. The topic was the 'Poet Laureate Tennyson and his poetry'. He resided at 12, St. Patrick's Place, Cork in 1875. In 1871, while at St. Paul's, Madden married Charlotte, the youngest daughter of Bishop John Gregg and with her had 4 sons and 5 daughters. He died 25 June 1891 and was buried in the St. Fin Barre's cemetery. (Cole, 54, 120-1, 123 & 136; Trinity College, Cat., 365; Great Britain, Accounts, 1875, 23-4; Irish Times, 28 Jan 1875)

1875: Charles Saul Bruce, (1838-1913) T.C.D. B.A. (1862) M.A. (1876), the son of Jonathan Bruce of Miltown, Co. Cork and his wife Anne, daughter of Robert Maxwell, was born 12 August 1838 and ordained Deacon in 1862 and Priest in 1863 both at Cork. Prior to his appointment as Rector of St. Paul's in 1875 Bruce was a Chaplain to Seamen in Cork Harbour (1864-46); Curate of Athnowen, Cork (1867-72); and Curate of St. Finn Barre's (1872-1875). He left St. Paul's in 1881 for positions of Rector at Monkstown (1881-1891); Fermoy, Cloyne (1891-1894); St. Luke's, Cork (1894-97); and St. Fin Barre's (1897-1913). In 1886 and 1887, Bruce was Select Preacher to the University of Dublin. He married first, May, the daughter of Robert Grey of Temple Hill, and secondly in 1877, Emma Isobel, daughter of Major Egerton Warburton of Cheshire, with whom he had no children. In 1911 he was living with his wife at 6 Dean Street, Cork. Bruce died in 1913 aged 75. (Cole, 89, 122-3, 125, 136, & 207; Burke, 1914, 12; Ireland, 1911 Census, Cork; Trinity College, Cat., 72)

1881: William John Galway, T.C.D., B.A. (1877) M.A. (1880) LL.D. (1881), the son of Hugh Galway of Stoneyford, Co. Antrim was born at Stoneyford 14 April 1846 and ordained Deacon in 1877 at Cork and Priest in 1878 at Ossory. Prior to his posting as Rector at St. Paul's from 1881 to 1882, Galway was Curate of Clonmel (Queenstown) (1877-81). In 1882 Galway became Rector of St. Anne's Shandon and thence Rector of St. Luke's 5 March 1897, and Prebendary of Killbrittain, in the Cathedral at Cork and of Donoughmore, in Cloyne, then Rural Dean of Cork in 1902 and Precentor of Cork in 1912. In 1893 Galway married Jane Anne, the daughter of the late Henry Townsend, of Mount Alto, Queenstown. She was born in about 1849 in county Donegal. They had no children. In 1911 Galway and his wife along with her younger sister Elizabeth W. Townsend were living at Gibberalter Terrace in the city of Cork; in 1913 he was residing at St. Luke's Rectory, Cork, where he died after a short illness, 8 August 1913. (Cole, 109, 125-6, 136; Ireland, 1911 Census, Cork; Crockford, 1913, 554; Irish Times, 11 Aug 1913)

1882: James Charles McCheane, (1828-1901) M.A. (1856) B.D. D.D. (1890), a man of high scholarly attainments, was greatly esteemed as a preacher and in his personal character. He was also in his day according to Webster, the 'wit amongst the Cork clergy'. He was born 5 March 1828 at Dunmanway, the sixth son of Rev. James McCheane A.M., Vicar of Fanlobbus and Lucy, the fifth daughter of Robert Backas, of Butlerstown Castle, Co. Waterford. He was ordained Deacon in 1854 and Priest in 1855, both at Cork, and held positions at Fanlobbus (Curate; 1854), Rathcooney (Curate; 1860), and St. Lappan's (Little Island) (Incumbent; 1867) prior to his appointment at St. Paul's as Rector. McCheane became Prebendary of Dromdaleague, Cork and of Island, Ross in 1897. Canon McCheane married in 1867, Elizabeth Sophia, second daughter of Henry Pope of Waterford, having with her two daughters, Elizabeth Augusta wife of Rev. Isaac Gordon Julian A.M.; and Ellen Mary Barter. In 1875 McCheane was residing at Montenotte, Cork. Dr. McCheane died 20 December 1901, in his 74th year, and was buried at Douglas, 4 days later. (Cole, 136-7; Webster, 157; Great Britain, Accounts, 1875, 22-3)

1902: Richard James Hodges, (1862-1944) T.C.D., B.A. (1885) M.A. (1888) was instituted in St. Paul's by the Lord Bishop on 31 January 1902. Hodges was born at Ballyrussell 13 June 1862, the son of Rev. John Hodges, M.A. Incumbent of Ballycotton, Cloyne and Mary Jane McGrath. He was ordained Deacon in 1885 and Priest, Trinity, 1886 both at Cork. Prior to coming to St. Paul's as Rector (1902-07), he was the Curate at Mallow (1885-1896) and Incumbent at Rathbarry, Ross (1896-1902). Afterwards he was Rector at St. Mary's Collegiate Church, Youghal (1907-25) and Chaplain to the Workhouse (1907-19); Incumbent at St. John's City and Diocese, Cork (1925-31) as well as Canon of Dromdaleague in St. Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork, and of Island in St. Fachna's Cathedral, Ross (1927-31). Canon Hodges retired in 1931. Residences: 1907 13 St. Patrick's Hill; 1911 Marina Terrace, Cork; 1932 St. John's Vicarage, Cork; 1941 Glenbrooke, Co. Cork. Hodges married 1 November 1887, Marion Josephine Colpoys, daughter of Donald Macintyre of Edinburgh and Dublin, and had several children. Hodges died at his residence at Passage West, Cork on 17 December 1944, aged 82. (Cole, 137, 283-4; Guy, 1907 66; Ireland, 1911 Census, Youghal;; Crockford, 1920, 717; Crockford, 1932, 619; Crockford, 1937, 630; Crockford, 1941, 638; Irish Times, 5 Aug 1912, 20 Dec 1944)

1909: Edwin Sikes, B.D. (1903) was born in Ceylon in about 1874, educated at Middleton College, and was late Scholar of T.C.D., Vice Chancellor Medal and B.A. (1894). He was ordained Deacon in 1899 and Priest in 1900 at Cork. Prior to his appointment as Rector at St. Paul's (1909-1912) he was Curate of Castlemagner (1899-1905), Incumbent of Ardnageehy Union, near Glenville, County Cork (1905-09). Following his appointment at St. Paul's, Sikes became Incumbent of St. Mary's Shandon (1913-1915); Rural Dean of Glensalney (1914-15); Incumbent of Abbeystrewry with Creagh, Diocese of Ross from 1915, Rural Dean of Timoleague from 1918; Curate in charge of Tullach, Diocese of Ross from 1924 and Archdeacon of Ross and Canon of Kilnaglory in St. Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork, from 1926 and Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Cork from 1945, all through to 1950. Sikes married Catherine Anna Harriet Cotter, daughter of the Rev. William Henry Cotter and Catherine Letitia Stawell at the Parish Church, Buttevant, 27 Sept. 1904. The family, including their three children lived at 7 Alexandra Place, in the city of Cork in 1911; three other children had died by that date. George Edward Cotter Sikes, the youngest child then ten months old, was born in the city of Cork. Sikes was living at the Rectory, Skibbereen in 1941 and 1950 (Tel: Skibbereen 7). He died shortly before July 6 1950. (Crockford, 1932, 52; Crockford, 1941, 1231; Crockford, 1950, 1179; Ireland, 1911 Census, Cork City; Guy, 1907, 67; ThePeerage 260509; Irish Times, 3 Apr 1905, 13 Dec 1909; Weekly Irish Times, 1 Oct 1904; Irish Times, 6 July 1950)

1913: Louis Parkinson Hill (1880-1950) T.C.D., B.A. (1902) M.A. (1913) ordained Deacon 1904 and Priest 1905, Down. Prior to his appointment as Rector at St. Paul's (1913-1919) Hill was Curate of Drew Memorial (St. Phillips) Belfast (1904-06); Church Missionary Society Missionary at Hiroshima Japan (1906-08) and at Tokushima, Japan (1908-13). Canon Hill was the Rector of Zion Church, Rathfarnham (1919-1950); Canon of Christ Church Cathedral (1932-43); Prebendary of St. John (1940-50) and Chancellor of Christ Church Cathedral 1943-50) while residing first at Avalon (1920) then at the Zion Rectory (1936, 1941, 1950) all on Bushy Park Road, Rathgar, Dublin. He died 22 June 1950 and was laid to rest in Grindewald, Switzerland. He married Christina __ and had one son, William Audley Hill who died 8 April 1925, aged 7 another son Louis Parkinson Hill. (Crockford, 1920, 706; Crockford, 1936, 620; Crockford, 1941, 628; Crockford 1950, 601; Headstones; RCBL Supplement; Irish Times 1 Aug 1945, 26 June 1950)

1919: John Thomas Mellifont, (1876-1931) B.A. (1905), M.A. (1910), ordained Deacon (1905) and Priest (1906) Down, was born in Co. Cork, Prior to being Rector at St. Paul's (1919-1923), he was Curate at St. Luke, Belfast (1905-7), and St. George, Dublin (1907-10), the incumbent of Ballyllymacelligott (1910-17) and Organizing Secretary for the Church Missionary Sunday Schools (1917-19). From 1923 to 1927 he was the Organizing Secretary CEZMS for the London and South East Districts; Vicar St. Matthew Nottingham from 1927 and Chaplain to the Nottingham General Hospital from 1928. In 1930 he resided at St. Matthew's Vicarage in Nottingham (Tel: Notts. 3025). In about 1911, Mellifont married Charlotte Edith ___, and died 21 December 1932. He was buried at Beeston, Nottinghamshire. (Crockford, 1920, 1021; Crockford, 1930; Thoroton, 35; Ireland, 1911 Census, Arabella, Kerry)

Curates of St. Paul's with biographical notes

1742: Henry Gervais, A.M. LL.D. was the son of Isaac Gervais, Dean of Tuam, a Huguenot by Catherine his wife, sister of Rev. Barry Hartwell, Rector of Rathcormack. He was born at Lismore in about 1708 and entered T.C.D. at age 16 in March 1728. In 1733 he was ordained Deacon and in 1735 Priest, both at Cloyne. He was licensed to Curacy of St. Paul's 1 Dec 1742. Subsequently: Vic. Chor., Lismore (1742-61); P. Tullaghorton, Lismore (1754-90); P. Subulter (1755-68); Treasure of Cashell (1768-72); Archdeacon of Cashell and P. Doon & Emly (1772-90). Archdeacon Gervais died in March 1790 and was buried at Lismore. (Brady, II, 381-2; Cotton 1851, 51, 110; Cotton, 1860, 273)

1743: Andrew Brome, A.M. was ordained Deacon 19 December 1742, and Priest 18 September 1743, both at Cork. He was licensed 12 September 1743 to be Curate of St. Paul's, Cork. (Brady, III, 157)

1747: Richard Beare, A.M. (1759), the son of Richard Beare, Generosi, was born in Mallow and at the age of 16, entered T.C.D. as Pensioner, 18 June 1728. He was curate of St. Mary's Shandon, 1736, Kinsale, 1740, St. Paul's 1747, St. Peter's (in Cork) from 1751-60. He was Priest at St. Michael's (1759-62), Rural Vicar at Cannaway (1762-67), Vicar at Fanlobbus & Drinagh (1767-68) and Priest at Killbrittain and Rural Vicar at Rathclare from 1768 to his death in 1770. Beare married Mary the eldest daughter of Richard Sympson, Esq. of Cork 14 August 1739. His will was dated June 1770; proved April 1771. (Brady, I, 135-36)

1752: Matthais Spread, (1708-1771) A.M. (1734), the son of William Spread, Esq., was born at Ballycaneen in 1708 and entered T.C.D. in 1727, was a Scholar 1729, B.A. 1729, and M.A. 1734. After postings as curate Rathcormack (1734), St. Mary's Shandon (1749), he was licensed to Curacy of St. Paul's (1752), followed by Kinsale (1762) and Ballyfeard (1769-71). While at St. Mary's Shandon, the Rector shut him out of the church; Dr. George Tisdall was suspended for one month in consequence. And in 1758, while at St Paul's, he was to be paid one guinea by the Corporation, for 'an occasional Sermon'. Spread married first Elizabeth Fitzgerald in 1738 (she died at the end of May 1749) and secondly Elisabeth Boiteau, widow, of the parish of St. Paul in January 1750. He died in February 1771 at Kinsale, leaving issue by his second wife. (Brady, I, 196, 286; Trinity College, Cat., 531 in which his name is shown as 'Matthias or Mathew Spread'; Caulfield, 708 as 'Mathias Spread'; Reddan, 47;, 311667)

1779: Stephen Baggs, A.B. was licensed 18 January 1779 to be Curate of St. Paul's, Cork, at £50. He may be the same person as Stephen Baggs T.C.D. B.A. (1749), M.A. (1752). (Brady, III, 146; Trinity College, Cat., 21)

1794: George Armstrong (1762-1837) T.C.D. B.A. (1784) was educated at Potora School, Enniskillen and matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin 23 May 1780 aged 16. He was ordained Priest in 1787 at Cloyne and licensed to the Curacy at St. Paul's in 1794. In 1796 he became Reader at Ross Cathedral; 1798, Chancellor of Ross, and in 1818, Vicar of Templequinlan, both perferments he held until his death in 1837. Armstrong was the Diocesan Schoolmaster of at Rosscarberry 1810 and later, in 1821 announced he was opening a school at South Mall, Cork in 1821. In 1825, he was the Diocesan Schoolmaster of Ross. Armstrong married Charlotte Besnard, the second daughter of Julius Besnard at Douglas Church, 21 February 1790 and had a son, Julius. (Brady, II, 437; Trinity College, Cat., 13)

1797: Francis Hewitt, T.C.D. B.A. 1797, (son of Thomas Hewitt, Esq., of Cork, who was buried at Ballymodan, and of Catherine Eason, his wife) was ordained Deacon on 25 July, and Priest on 21 December 1797, at Cork. On the 26th of August 1797, he was licensed to the curacy of St. Paul, Cork. From 1799 to 1808 he was Vicar of Clonmeen, Roskeen, and Kilcorney and from 1808-1818 he was rector of Newmarket. Hewitt married, firstly, Eliza, daughter of Robert Reeves, Esq., of Cork, and by her had three sons, Thomas, Barrister-at-Law died 6 July 1870 at Queenstown; Robert, died unmarried; and Francis, Colonel H.E.I.C, who married his cousin, Elisabeth Henrietta Hewitt, and died with issue. Rev. Hewitt married, 2ndly, at St. Mary, Shandon, Cork, on 8 November 1803, Anna, sister of Alderman Harding, of Cork, and relict of Joseph Rogers, Esq., of Cork. By his second wife who died August 23 1830 at Bandon, he had 3 sons, John, Henry (of Australia) and Charles, M.D., besides 2 daughters, who both married sons of Rev. Robert Bullen, of Newmarket [Katherine married Lysaght Philpot Bullen and Anne married George Philpot Standard Bullen]. Rev. Hewitt died 8 November 1818, aged 43. A tablet to his memory was in the church of Newmarket, where he was buried. The church today is used a car shop workshop having lost its tower, all decoration and most windows but the cemetery is in good condition. The inscription over his tomb reads:

'Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Francis Hewitt
Rector of this Parish who departed this life
in the 8th of November 1815 Ętallis 43'

(Brady, II, 134; Trinity College, Cat., 269; IGP - Churchyard of Newmarket; Bullen, Kellie; Bullen, Katherine; Southern Reporter, Cork 24 Aug 1830; Cork Constitution, 8 July 1870)

1822: Thomas Waggett, T.C.D., B.A. (1810) A.M. (1832) second son of Alderman Thomas Waggett of Cork by his wife Elizabeth Sealy was born in 1790. He was ordained Deacon 1813 and Priest 1814 both at Cork. After being Curate at St. Peter's, Cork in 1815, he became curate of St. Paul's (1822-1833) after which he became Priest at Timoleague, Ross and later that year as Resident Vicar at Rathclarin where he remained until his death on 8 May 1861. He married Belinda Saunders [Sanders], sister of Mrs. Sealy of Gortnahorna, Co. Cork, and had one son Thomas and four daughters. Rev. Thomas Waggett is found on a list of Freemen who voted 18 Dec 1826 for Mr. Callaghan, in the Cork city elections. (Brady, I, 229; Cole, 98; HRC-Freemen; Trinity College, Cat., 584)

1830: Moses Starratt, B.A. (1821) M.A. (1832) was born in Donegal in about 1792, the son of Moses, (Agricola) and as a Pensioner, entered T.C.D. 16 November 1815 at age 23. He was ordained Deacon 31 January and Priest 19 September, 1830 both at Cloyne, on letters dimissory from Cork, for the assistant curacy of St. Paul's, Cork. In 1831 he was appointed to the Curacy of Kells, near Dublin in County Kildare where his salary was £70. (Brady, III, 251; Campbell, 548; Great Britain, Curates, 1833, 14; Trinity College, Cat., 536 in which his name is spelled Starratt (Starrett) ; Trinity College, Alumni Dublinenses, 776 in which his name is spelled Starret.)

1833: Samuel Thomas Harman, T.C.D. A.B. (1823) was the only son of Rev. Samuel Harman of Ashbourne, Co. Cork by his wife Mary, daughter of Pierre Besnard, a Hugenot family of Douglas, Co. Cork. Note: ffolliott and Harman state he was born 29 Apr 1801 the son of Samuel Harman of Galnmire Cork by Mary, eldest daughter of Julius Bernard of Factoryville Co.Cork. Harman was ordained Deacon at Cloyne, 1 May 1829 and Priest at Cork, 18 December 1831. On 13 June 1833 he was licensed to be Curate of St. Paul's, Cork. He gave up clerical employment for some time before his death, through delicacy of health, but still occasionally took duty to assist his friends. When reading the first lesson in Glenbrook Church on Sunday 26 October 1862, he suddenly dropped dead. On 11 March 1830 Harman married Mary the eldest daughter of John Townsend of Drumbeg Co. Cork and by her who died 16 Dec. 1850 at Belevedere, Queenstown had issue of 2 sons (one died young) and 1 daughter. The Rev. Samuel T. Harman lies within the crypt of St. Paul's Church beneath the coffin bearing his infant son, Samuel Henry who died 13 August 1836 of 'water on the brain' aged 2 years 9 months. Note that according to Co. Cork Pedigrees - Harman, transcribing the marriage notice from the Cork Constitution, stated that the Rev. Dr. Sealy Baldwin performed the marriage and that the bride Mary was the eldest daughter of the late John Townsend Jones of the city of Cork. (Brady, III, 196; Cole, 247; Trinity College, Cat. 254; Cork Examiner, 1 July 2003; Folliott & Harman; Co. Cork Pedigrees - Harman)

1834: Samuel Beamish, A.B. was appointed assistant Curate of St. Paul's, at a salary of £50, for an unknown period. He may well be the same person as Samuel Beamish, A.B. of Mount Beamish, Co. Cork, who had held Curacy of Templebryan, 1795-9 and Kinsale from 1799 to 1826 when he resigned in favour of his son. If so, he was taking on this assistant curacy at an advanced age, but at a time when the Rev. George Sealy Baldwin, the Rector of St. Paul's was non-resident due to his age and health. He married Mary (daughter of Joshua Hamilton, by Mary, daughter of Sir Richard Cox, of Dunmanway), by whom he had issue. (SB: Great Britain. Curates, 1833, 19; Brady, I, 197)

[1843; 1844; 1846; 1856; 1857; 1858; 1859]: William Daunt Griffith, entered T.C.D. 20 October 1828, at age 22. He was ordained Deacon at Douglas, 1838, and Priest at the Cathedral, 1839 both by the Bishop of Cork. References have been located for him in the years bracketed, as the Curate or as chairman at the vestry meetings at St. Paul's, Cork. He was born in about 1806/07 in Co. Cork as the son of Edward Griffith. In 1846 he was residing at 2 Queen's Place. Griffith was also Chaplain and Secretary of the Cork Foundling Hospital from July 1852 for an unknown period of time. In 1874 he was at Kilbride, Blessington, in Co. Wicklow, residing at Lisheens Manor. He married 27 December 1852 at Edinburgh, Frances, the third daughter of the late Dr. Sharkey, of Cork. At some point in his ecclesiastical career, Rev. Griffith was at Clonfert as well as Glendalough. (Cork, 1844, 119; Thompson, C. 85, 90; Slater, 1846, 221; GB. Parliamentary Papers, 1854, 8; Urban, 1852, 631; Brady, III, 194 which states he was licensed as Chaplain of the Cork Foundling Hospital, 1854, at £100; Great Britain, Irish Church, 1875, 14; Walsh, correspondence)

1852: John Blake Whitley, T.C.D. B.A. (1847) M.A., was ordained Deacon in 1847 at Tuam and Priest in 1848 at Killaloe. He first was Curate at Glengarriff (1847-9); Monanimy, Cloyne (1849-51); and Monkstown, Cork (1851-52). After his Curacy at St. Paul's (1852-54), Whitley was collated 29 June 1854 and installed the next day as Prebendary of Templebryan and Preacher of St. Faughnan's Cathedral, Ross, in 1854, positions he held through to 1905, the year in which he likely died. Whitley was born in the town of Galway 26 January 1824 as the son of the Rev. John Whitley, D.D., Chancellor of Killaloe, and his wife Ellen, youngest daughter of James Cleland, of Belfast. In 1855 Canon Whitley married Corinna Susan, eldest daughter of the Late Lt. -Col. James Robert Colthurst (18th Royal Irish Regiment) by whom he had five sons the eldest two who were in Holy Orders, and three daughters. (Brady, II, 550; Cole, 289; Cotton, 1878, 31; Crockford, 1905; ThePeerage, 367697; Trinity College, 606)

[1857]: J.D. Griffith, Curate St. Paul's Cork. (Thom, 1857, 667) The lack of further corroboration suggests that the initials J.D. as printed, were in error, and likely should have been W.D. He was not the same person as John Griffith, Treasurer of Ross, who died 1824.

1862: Alexander Latimer Waring, T.C.D. B.A. (1853) M.A. (1862) B.D. & D.D. (1873) was born in Dublin in about 1830. He was ordained Deacon 24 August 1854 and Priest, 21 December 1856, both at Cork. Waring was Curate of Innishannon (1854-62), and in 1862 he became Curate of St. Paul's, Cork. After leaving St. Paul's in 1867, Waring was Curate in the following parishes: Carrigaline (1869-72); Christ Church, Somers Town, London (1872-3); and St. Mark's, Oldstreet (1873-5). Waring was then Incumbent of Verulam Dist. Church, Kennington Road, London (1875-9); Chaplain Paddington Work House 1879; and Chaplain of Paddington New Infirmary, 1896. He married, first a Swedish woman who died at Innishannon; secondly 1 March 1859, Margaret-Wiseman, third daughter of John Thomas Hornibrook, of Rockfort, Brinny, Co. Cork, who died 14 April 1863; and thirdly Christina A. ___ with whom he went to England. They resided at 55 Warlock Road, St. Mary, Paddington from at least 1881. His death was registered in the fourth quarter of 1891 at Paddington, Greater London; aged 61. (Brady I, 197 where he is shown as Alexander Waring; Brady, III, London, 1864, 263; Cole, 345 - Warning (sic); Clergy Directory, 391; Crockford 1892, 1380; Trinity College Cat., 594 where he is shown as Alexander Waring; Great Britain, 1881 & 1891 Census, Paddington; - Death Registration Index)

1870: George Mahon Sutton, T.C.D. B.A. (1869) was ordained Deacon in 1870 and Priest in 1871, both at Cork. As curate at St. Paul's (1870-72), the living was £100; he resided at 11 Audley-place, Cork. Upon leaving he became a Chaplain in the Royal Navy as of 13 June 1872, and served on the Repulse in the Pacific to 1877; the Warrior at Portland (1877-81); the Flora at Ascension (1881-85); the Asia at Portsmouth (1885-86) and at the Royal Dockyard and Navy Hospital at Malta (1886-91). While at the island of Ascension, he baptized a number of Liberian Kroomen, sailors who were employed there by the Admiralty. He then also taught literacy skills. In 1896, the year in which he likely died, he was residing at the Royal Dockyard, Simon's Bay, Cape of Good Hope. (Cole, 342; Crockford, 1896, 1299; G.B. Navy List, 1887, 124, 311; Great Britain, 1869, 46; Whitaker, 1891, 23; S.P.G. 1882, 301)

1872: Jocelyn Robert Oakley, B.A. (1868), M.A. (1871) (Trinity College, Cambridge) was ordained Deacon in 1870 and Priest in 1871 at Chester. He was born 22 February 1846 at Melton Mowbray, Leics., the son of the Rev. William Henry of Eye Kettleby, Melton Mowbray. Prior to being Curate at St. Paul's (1872-74), Oakley was Curate of Bickerstaff, Lancs. (1870-72). He subsequently was Curate at St. John's, Greenock (1875-6) and Waltham-le-Woods (1877-1880). In 1948, Oakley resided at Eye Kettleby, Melton Mowbray. (Cole, 335; Great Britain Census, 1861, 1871; (Cambridge University Alumni); Crockford 1941, 1003)

1874: William Tottenham Collins Day, (1847-1930) T.C.D., B.A. (1873), M.A. (1877) was born at Passage West Glebe, Co. Cork, 16 February 1847, the eldest son of Rev. William Tottenham Day, M.A, R.V. of Rathclarin, Cork. He was ordained Deacon in 1874 and Priest in 1875, both at Cork. Following his Curacy at St. Paul's (1874-5), he was Curate at Fermoy, Cloyne (1875), Rathclarin, Cork (1875-6), Fermoy (1876-8) and Rector of Kilmacabea, Ross (1878-83); of Killeagh (1883-1916); and of Kilmacabea (Ross), in 1917, when residing at Leap, Co. Cork. He married twice, first in 1878 at Newland, Gloucestershire to Sara Jane, daughter of David Nurse, 1848-1897; and second in 1899 to Emilie Elizabeth, daughter of W. Gillett. Rev. Day died in 1930, age 82 when he was living at Bramdean in Ilfracombe, Devon, England. (Cole, 219; Ireland, 1911 Census, Killeagh; Guy's, 1914; Church of England -Clergy List, 1917, 468; Crockford, 1930, 337; England death index)

1875: Henry Barnett Harper, T.C.D., B.A. (1874), was born in Ireland about 1852 and was ordained Deacon in 1875 and Priest in 1876 both at Cork. He was Curate of both St. Peter's and of St. Paul's, Cork from 1875 to 1877, when he became a Chaplain in the Royal Navy. After serving on a number of ships he was the Chaplain at the Royal Navy Haslar Hospital at Alverstoke, Hampshire (1891-93). While on the Navy retired list in 1893, Harper became Rector of Falstone in Northumberland until 1902; Vicar of Lesbury, Northumberland (1902-08); and Chaplain at Compiegne (1908-10). In 1912 he was living at Seville, Spain and likely died in that year. His wife Emily De Montheng __, was born at St. Peterport, Guernsey in the Channel Islands in about 1853. They had a son Maurice H. De J. Harper born in 1890 at St. Clements, Jersey and a daughter Ellen De M. Harper born in England in about 1891. (Cole, 317; Great Britain Census, 1891, Alverstoke; Great Britain Census, 1901, Channel Islands; Crockford, 1912, 622)

1900: George Viviliers Jourdan, T.C.D., B.A. (1893) B.D. (1909), D.D. (1914), Litt. D. (1935); Fellow Royal Historical Society (1915), M.R.S.I.A. (1933) Member Royal Irish Academy (1934); was born in Dublin, April 1867, the youngest son of John and Sarah Jourdan of Dublin. He was ordained Deacon in Killeshandra Church, diocese of Lismore in 1894 and Priest, in Kilmore Cathedral in 1895. Prior to his appointment as Curate at St. Paul's (1900-1902), Jourdan was Curate at Larah and Lang, diocese of Kilmore (Cavan) (1894-96); and of All Saints, Mullingar, diocese of Meath (1896-1900). Afterwards he was Curate at Castrachore (Midleton), Cloyne (1902-06); Incumbent of Rathbarry with Ardfield (1906-15); Incumbent of St. Mary's Shandon, Diocese of Cork, and Chaplain for the Cork District Asylum (1915-40) and the Chaplain of N. Infirmary from 1926. Jourdan was Canon of Clonmethan in St. Patrick Cathedral, Dublin (1931-44) and Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Cork (1933-38). He was also Beresford professor of Ecclesiastical History at the University of Dublin from 1933 to to November 1955 and Officiating Curate in Charge of Dunboyne with Moyglare, and Officiating Curate in Charge at Maynouth with Kilcock, Meath (1940-44). In 1911 Jourdan, then unmarried, resided at Milltown, Rathbarry in County Cork, while in 1956 he was at 14, Castlewood Park, Rathmines, Dublin and Trinity College, Dublin. Author of: 'The Movement Towards Catholic Reform in the Early Sixteenth Century', 1914; and 'The Stress of Change', 1931. Contributor: 'The History of the Church of Ireland'. 1933. Jourdan died in December 1955 at is home in Rathmines and was survived by one sister. (Cole, 322; 1911 Ireland Census, Rathbarry; Crockford, 1932, 724; Crockford 1950, 719; Crockford, 1956, 641; Nature, 1934, 528; Irish Times, 10 Dec 1915)

1907: Edward Adam Tichborne (1870-1940) T.C.D., B.A. (1892) M.A. (1899) was born in Co. Tyrone about 1872, and ordained Deacon 1894 and Priest 1898 Killaloe. Tichborne was Curate at Creagh, Co. Galway (1894-97); Rector of Ballyeglish (1897-1901); Vicar at Holy Trinity Lomas de Zamora in Buenos Aires (1901-05); Curate at Kilfenora, Co. Clare (1906-07); Vicar at St. Paul's, (1907-09) [Leslie shows as Rector; obit shows as Curate]; Rector of Midleton and Chaplain to the Midleton Workhouse (1909-18); Temporary Chaplain to the Forces (1914-15); Honorary Chaplain to the forces, 1920; Rector St. Mary's, Cobh (1918-1940); Prebendary of Cahirlag in St. Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork (1922-35); Treasurer, St. Coleman's Cathedral, Cloyne (1922-35); Treasurer Cork Cathedral, Cork (1935-40); and Rural Dean of Midleton (1932-40). Tichborne married in about 1897, Georgiana Margaret Palmer of Guelph Township, Ontario, and then a widow. They had one daughter, Theodora Olivia. In 1940 Canon Tichborne resided at the Rectory, Cobh, where he died 'after much suffering, courageously borne, 14 November of that year, in his 70th year'; his funeral was to be 18 November. In 1945, a brass tablet, subscribed for by the parishioners, was erected on the south wall of Saint Mary's Church, Cobh, in his memory. (RCBL Supplement; Crockford, 1920, 1504; Crockford 1937, 1331; Crockford, 1940; Leslie, 129; Ireland, 1911 census, Midleton, Cork; Chadwick, 114; Irish Times, 13 June 1915, 15 Nov 1940, 12 June 1945)

1924: Charles John Smyth, T.C.D. B.A. (1917) a native of Pallaskenry, Co. Limerick, was ordained Deacon 1918 and Priest 1919 at Cork. He was Curate at Mallow (1918-22); Curate-in-Charge St. Paul's, Cork 1924; Curate Kilmallmanagh (1924-5); Curate St. Mary, Carrigaline (with Killanully from 1935) (1925-46); and Incumbent Rathcooney, Cork from 1945, Rural Dean Kerricurrihy from 1948; Treasurer St. Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork, from 1949 all through to at least 1950. In 1950 Smyth was residing at the Glanmire Rectory, Cork. (Tel: Glanmire 58). In 1955 he was appointed Archdeacon of Cork. The Venerable Smyth died at the Victoria Hospital, Cork 12 July 1959, age 65 and was survived by his widow Kathleen nee Rennisson, one daughter, two brothers and two sisters. (RCBL Supplement; 1918 Dublin; Crockford 1920, 1401; Crockford 1936, 1238; Crockford 1941, 1260; Crockford 1950, 1207; Irish Times, 13 July 1959, 24 Oct 1980)

1925: Robert Hawken Cochrane, T.C.D., B.A. (1910) M.A. (1913) ordained Deacon 1910 and Priest 1911 at Cashell. Prior to his appointment as Curate-in-charge of St. Paul's (1925-1926) after which the parish Church was united to Holy Trinity Cork, he previously held the Curacy of Clonmel with Innislonagh (1910-1914); Bray (1914-20); and Incumbent of Tallow with Kilwatermoy (1920-1925). He became Incumbent of Moviddy with Killmurry, Diocese of Cork, in 1926, remaining there to 1932 when his residence was Moviddy Rectory, Crookstown, Co. Cork. He then was the incumbent at Marmullane (1932-36). In 1950 he had been incumbent at Ballymoddan, Cork from 1936-1957; Rural Dean of Glansalney East from 1944-57; Canon of Dromdaleague in St. Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork and of Island in St. Fachna's Cathedral from 1947-55; and Precentor of Ross 1955-57. In 1910 he was elected as a member of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland , while living at 17, Highfield-road, Dublin; in the same year he was residing at Queen Street, Clonmel. In 1937 and in 1950 he was living at St. Peter's Rectory, Bandon, Cork; and in 1970 he was residing at Rose Cottage, Bishopstown, Cork, Erie. He likely died in 1970. (RCBL correspondence, 2009; Crockford, 1932, 250; Crockford, 1937, 245; Crockford, 1941; Crockford 1950, 249; Crockford, 1970, 244; JRSAI. 1911, 257; JRSAI, 1915, 15).

The incumbent of Holy Trinity Church, Cork looked after St. Paul's from 1926 to 1949 when it was closed:

1926 to 1949: George Sydney Baker (1868-1962), born in Co. Tipperary, late Classical Scholar of University of Dublin, B.A. (1891) B.D. 1901, was ordained Deacon 1901 and Priest 1902 at Cork. Prior to his appointment as Rector of Holy Trinity, Cork with St. Paul's (1926-49), he was Curate of Cloyne 1901-08; Headmaster Midleton College 1909-12; Curate of Rathcormac 1908-12; Rector of Conflert 1912-13; Rector of Kilshannig 1913-26; and Rural Dean of Castletownroche 1917-26. He further was a member of the First Governing Body of University College, Cork (before 1910), and Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Cork from 1926-33 and from 1941 through to 1949. Baker married Maud Marks 9 January 1900 and had two children, Hugh Thomas (1906) and Cathleen Sydney (1908). In both 1932 and 1937 he resided at 3 Belgrave-place, Cork, Tel: Cork 734, while in 1962 he was residing at the Shannon Nursing Home in Limerick, Erie, dying at Limerick 16 May of that year aged 93. His funeral was to take place at Blackrock, Co. Cork, 19 May. (Montgomery-Massingerd, 53; RCBL Supplement; Ireland 1911 census, Midleton; ThePeerage - 265747; Crockford, 1932, 52; Crockford, 1937, 54; Crockford, 1959, 53; Crockford, 1962, 49; Weekly Irish Times 30 April 1910 Irish Times, May 18, 1962)

Some Other Officials of St. Paul's

1753: Nixon Flack entered T.C.D. on 21 October 1736 and was a Scholar in 1739, B.A. (1741) M.A. 1744. He was licensed on 8 January 1753 to teach Greek and Latin in St. Paul's parish, Cork. On 25 May 1761 Flack was licensed to be Curate of St. Finbarry. In 1748, the Rev. Nixon Flack of County Meath married Elizabeth Hawkins of Blarney. (Brady, III, 185; Trinity College, Cat., 196)

1770: John Roche, Clerk of St. Paul's Church, Cork - his wife died May 11. She may be the same person as Mary Roche of Cork, will proved 1770, Co. Cork. (Roche)

1827: Church wardens: Richard Abernathy and William Heard. (Great Britain, Parochial Rates, 124)

1843: Wardens: G.S. Austen, R.W. Edden [Likely Robert W. Edden, Coach, 14 Nelson's Place Cork]
Sexton, George Gibson, Patrick St. (Thompson, C., 85)

1844: Wardens; Thomas Steele and Robert Johnson
Sexton: George Gibson, Patrick Street. (Cork, 1844/5, 106)

1845: Sexton: George Gibson, 107 Patrick St. (Cork Archives Institute; Aldwell)

1846: Clerk: Edward Paul, St. Paul's Church, Cooke Street. (Slater, 1846, 221)

1847: St. Paul's Vestry, c. 7/4/1847: Messrs. Ballard, Edden and Guy, with the Churchwardens were elected a Foundling Committee. (Cork Businesses)

1875-6: Churchwardens: Alderman W. V. Gregg and D. Braddish. (Guy, 1876, 533)

1884: Churchwardens: Wm. V. Gregg and M. P. Bolster
Organist, F. De Foubert
Sexton, George Thompson, 15 Marina Terrace. (Guy, 1884)

1891: Churchwardens: Wm. Taylor and David Preston
Organist, T. Carey
Sexton, George Thompson, 15 Marina terrace. (Guy, 1891)

1907: Churchwardens: Geo. Flanagan and David Preston
Organist, J. E. Garrett
Sexton, Richard Reid, 102 North Main St. (Guy, 1907)

1913: Churchwardens: George Flanagan and William Thomson
Treasurer Sustentation Fund, A. R. Lester, 107 Patrick street
Organist, J. E. Garrett
Sexton, Richard Reid, 38 South Main street (Guy, 1913)