The Roman Catholic Men of the City of Cork in 1799

The following list appeared in THE CORK ADVERTISER AND COMMERCIAL REGISTER for Tuesday 20 August 1799:



May it please your Excellency,
With the most affectionate and unfeigned Respect we beg leave to congratulate your Excellency on your arrival in this City; and to assure your Excellency of the high sense we entertain of the wisdom, firmness, and benevolence of your Government, which has so happily subdued a desperate Rebellion, and restored this lately distracted Country to Peace and Tranquility.
Our most gracious Sovereign Lord the King to whose illustrious House we are bound by every tie of loyalty and gratitude, having in his paternal care recommended to his Parliaments in both countries the consideration of an Union of the Legislatures of his Kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland, on the broad and permanent basis of mutual advantage and general security, we beg leave to express our sentiments on so important a question, and to declare to your Excellency that we consider it the most effectual means to promote the strength and happiness of the Empire, to allay the unhappy distractions which have raged, and that nothing short of this salutary measure can ensure to us a continuance of the confidence, of the tranquillity, and the blessings, which the wisdom of your auspicious Government has restored to this country.
Walter M. White
Robert Barry
Francis Roche
Denis Connor
P. Quinlan L.C.L.
T Quinlan, ditto
Morgan Regan
James Fitzgerald
J. Fitzgerald, L.C.L.
M. Fitzgerald, do.
M. Fitzgerald, jun. L.C.L.
Michael Murphy
James Browne, do
John Fitzgerald, do.
Edmond Barret,do
Richard Barret,do
Thomas Bradshaw
E.T. White
John McSwiney
John Barret
James Murphy
Cornelius Higgins
John Sweeny
Richard Newton
Edmond Barry
John O'Brien
Wm. P. Norris
Thomas Barry
Thomas Walsh
Daniel Leahy
Daniel Donovan
Wm Galwey
Wm Galwey, jun.
F. Murphy
Denis McCarthy
Michael Carroll
John McAuliffe
John Roche
Cornelius Swiney
Daniel Riordan
John Cleary
William Cusack
Thomas Barry
Charles Healey
Francis Sullivan
Stephen Sullivan
Silvester Sullivan
J. Galwey, Ronan
M. O'Brien, M.D.
John Croker
W. Roche, L.C.L.
Mich. Shanahan
Edmond Shanahan
Frederick Shanahan
Mich. Shanahan
Wm. Flaherty
Jeremiah Murphy
J. Buckly
L. Fouhy
Pat. Hiffernan
James Fitzgibbon
Cornelius Currin
James Kelly
Thomas B. Kelly
Thomas Donovan
N.J. Donovan
John Hennessy
James Leahy
Jonas Taasse
J. Taasse, jun
Thomas Joyce
John Quill
John Fowler
O. Sharkey
R. Sharkey
John Joyce
Wm. Hegerty
Mich. McCarthy
J. Lynch, L.C.L.
F. Conway, ditto
W. Lynch, ditto
Andrew Drenan
George McKiernon
And.Drenan, jun.
Andrew Drenan
R. Donoghue, L.C.L.
Roger Cleary
Michael Maher
Garret Nagle
William Power
Henry Duggan
David Leahy
Daniel McCarthy
John McCarthy
Patrick Goold
H.A. Goold, L.C.L.
Daniel Goold, do.
Francis Goold, do.
Thomas White
Edmond Kenifeck
R. Kenifeck
R. Kenifeck, jun.
James Hennessy
J. Hackett, L.C.L.
D. Macnamara
William Gorman
William Hackett
Michael Callanan
John Callanan, jun. L.C.L.
Patrick Quain
Daniel Hickey
John Murphy
John McCarthy
George Barnes
John Duhan
Bryan Hennessy
John F. Gibbon
John Brosnahan
P. Scollard
M. Murphy
T. Dee
John Riordan
David Cahill
Owen Sullivan
Tim. McAuliffe
Timothy McCarty
John Cotter
Thomas Leahy
Jeremiah Hore
John Gilman
Fran. Courtney
Patrick Stack
Richard Stack
Michael Brown
Michael Brown
Patrick Lane
Timothy Lane
John Hayes
John Mahony
James Meany
John Meany
John Condon
John Kidney
Steph. Ryan, L.C.L.
James Walsh
Patrick Walsh
Michael Beazley
John Tracy
Denis McCarthy
Pat. O'Conor, knt
John Callanan M.D.
John Kerny, L.C.L.
Stephen Coppinger
T. Kochjort, L.C.L.
F. Goold, capt. do.
Jn. O'Mullane, do.
Jas. O'Mullane, do.
E. O'Mullane C.M.
Dan. Callaghan
Hatten Conron
J. Walsh, M.D.L.C.L.
John Power, jun
T.T. Leahy, 69th regiment
Mathias Glissan
Thomas Forrest
John Power
Edward Power
R. Dwyer, L.C.L.
Luke O'Shea
William Shea
Daniel Shea
M. Roche
Thomas Roche
William Roche
Walter Morrogh
Wm. Donoghue
D. O'Keeffe
D. O'Keeffe, jun.
David Sullivan
Luke Shea
Daniel Shea, jun
Cornelius Newman
M. Harnett
Timothy Harnett
Denis Cronin
John Callaghan, L.C.L.
Thos. Shea, L.C.L.
J. O'Reilly, ditto
J.P. Roche, ditto
Maurice Rainey, master carpenter
William Serin
C. Macguire
Wm. Macquire
P. Colman, L.C.L.
John Connel
Jas. Supple, L.C.L.
J. O'Keeffe, L.C.L.
Bryan McSwincy
John Louney
John Carrol
M. Connel, L.C.L.
Edward Barry, do.
George Baggs
W. Quinn, L.C.L.
Tho. Desmond, do.
Tho. England, do.
Patrick Carrol, do.
N. F. Coppinger
John Gallwey
W. Coppinger, jun.
Daniel Foley
Barth Foley
Charles Daly, M.D.
Barth. Guigcan
W. Coppinger
James Coppinger
F.H. Gallwey, L.C.L.
Wm Joyce, do.
Robert Kelly
John O'Conor
James O'Conor
Richard O'Conor
Daniel McCarthy
Richard Fitzgerald
Richard Ronayne
Patrick Byrne
George Daly
Denis Sullivan
W. Hooper
E. Lynch
W. O'Brien, Kilcor
James Lane (?)
Michael Ryan
George Rochfort
J. Galwey, C.L.C.L.
R.Galwey L.C.L.
Jollis Gallwey, jun.
J. Galwey, John
Denis O'Drisscol
Richard Rochfort (?)
George Lombard.