The Monument of Sir Matthew Deane Bart in St Peter's Church, Cork

Sir Matthew Deane's grave 2006

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Notes from Annals of St Peters Church Cork, compiled by Richard Caulfield LLD FSA, Sept 16 1872:

May 1708: Extract from the Will of Captn Thomas Deane, son of Sir Matthew:

"...and whereas there is a monument which was erected for my Father the said Sir Matt Deane, I hereby direct and my will is that if the said monument shall at any time hereafter be thrown down, destroyed, defaced or altered by the minister, church wardens or vestry of said parish or by any person or persons legally empowered to throw down, alter, deface or destroy the same, the estate or fund hereby appointed for the said charities shall from from time immediately after such throwing down, altering, defacing or destroying of said monument go and belong to such person or persons as shall then be my heirs or to heirs at law."

Notes from The Ancient and Present State of the County and City of Cork by Charles Smith, 1893 edition updated by Richard Caulfield:

St Peters Church: In reference to the monument of Sir Matthew Deane in this church, Dr Caulfield writes:-

"Richard Sainthill (numismatist) told me that he heard from old Fitzgerald, author of the Cork Remembrancer, that when St Peter's was rebuilt in 1782, the bodies of Sir Matthew and Lady Deane were thrown out of their coffins, and the leaden cases, with many others, carted off and sold. He was an eye-witness."

Sir Matthew Deane's grave 2006

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Crest on the base of Sir Matthew Deane's grave 2006

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Sketch of the plaque made by Richard Caulfield in 1878.
The words are just visible today.
Notes on Sir Matthew Dean by a descendant, Jenny, Email: jstiles at

Matthew Dean was probably born in Deans Fort Somerset (although some early pedigrees say Suffolk) in 1625, the son of Matthew Dean and Blanch Blount. His Paternal Grandparents were Moses Deane (born abt 1564) and Alice Ludlow, and in Victorian times a portrait of them in 'Covenantor' clothing hung in Springfield Castle, the seat of his descendant Baron Muskerry.

Matthew Deane married his first wife Mary Wallis (daughter of Thomas Wallis of Somerset) in about 1647. There was a Mathew Deane listed amongst the "49ers" officers who came to Ireland with Oliver Cromwell in 1649 and this was most likely the same man. Matthew Deane was Sheriff of Cork in 1664 and Mayor of Cork in 1669. He had at least 9 children with his first wife, who died before 1680, when he married Martha Boyle. He married for the third time in 1703 to Dorothy Ferrar, the widowed Countess of Barrymore. He was knighted in 1709 and died on the 10th of January 1710/11. It was said he died at aged 84.

He was succeeded by his eldest son Robert Deane. My descent is through his daughter Melian Dean, who married Samson Towgood.