Certificates Issued in the City of Cork With Respect to The Killing of Game

The following list appeared in THE NEW CORK EVENING POST for Monday 24 March 1800:

A Correct List of Certificates Issued by the Clerk of the Peace for the City of Cork between the first of May 1799 and the first of October in the same year, pursuant to an Act passed in this Kingdom in the thirty-ninth year of his Majesty's Reigns, entitled an Act for granting to his Majesty certain Duties on Certificates to be issued with respect to the Killing of Game.
The Hon. Dupre Alexander, St. Patrick's Street
William Alexander, jun. Mallow Lane
George Baker, Jun. Mayler-street
John Barter, Grand Parade
Robert Barry, Devonshier's Marsh
Charles Connell, North Mall
Thomas Cuthbert, St. Patrick's-street
James Chatterton Jun. Prospect Lodge
Robert Cast, the Water Course
Thos. Stephney Chudleigh, Morrison's-Island
Frederick Clarke, Crosser Green
George Daunt, Cook-street
George Dunscombe, Mount-Desart, N Liberties
Rowland Dunscombe, Same place
Thomas Dunscombe, Marlborough-street
Edward Daly, St. Patrick-street
Thomas Duggan, Mary-street
Nicholas Dalton, Drudges-Hill
George Andrew Drinan, Cove-street
Robert Edwards, Frances-street
Rev. John Fortescue, George's-street
Joseph Fortune, St. Patrick's-street
Gibbon Fitz-Gibbon, Chapell Hill
Hugh Havell Farmer, jun. Terrace-walk
Henry Augustine Goold, George's Quay
George Galway, Mallow-Lane
Joseph Hosford, South-Main-street
Patrick Hayes, Church-Lane
John Harris, North-mall
Joshua Harris, North-main-street
Alexander Hayes, Grenville-place
Robert Harding, George's-street
Richard Hare, Patrick's-Place
William Harris, Wellsfort, South Liberties
Jones Harrison, Patrick's-street
Charles Herley, Academy-street
Rev. Arthur Hyde, jun. St. Patrick's-street
William Walter Harding, Grand-Parade
John Hennessy, St. Patrick's-street
Francis James Johnson, Great Britain-street
William Keeffe, South-main-street
Sir Richard Kellett, Lota, North Liberties
James Keene, St. Patrick's-street
Edward Keily, George's-street
William Lane, Grenville-Place
William Lucas, South-main-street
Hugh Lawton, Castle-Jane, N. Liberties
Jeremiah Eugene M'Carthy, Shandon-Church-Lane
Daniel M'Carthy, Barrack-street
Nicholas Martin, Ballyphilip, N. Liberties
William Magrath, Rowan's Walk
William Mercer, St Patrick's-street
George Mangles, Nile-street
John M'Caufland, Tuckey's-street
Thomas Newenham, Dehens(?), South Liberties
John O'Mullane, Merchant's Quay
James O'Connor, South-Mall
William Lysaght Oliver, Dean-street
Sir Hugh O'Reilly, Bart., George's-street
Rev. James Pratt, Carrigrohan.S. Liberties
Lassaigne Patten, Bellville, South Liberties
George Perrier, Red-Abbey Sugar House
William Parsons, the Ferry-Quay
Sir David Perrier, Douglas-house, S. Liberties
James Penrose, Mount Verdon
Robert Parker, Carrigrohan, S. Liberties
John Roche, South Main-street
Robert Richardson, Grand Parade
Thomas Rowland, Lower Glanmire, S. Liberties
John Richardson, Grand Parade
Richard Richardson, Lavits-quay
Philip Sarsfield, Willsbrook, South Liberties
Dominick Sarsfield, Windsor, South Liberties
William Smith, South Mall
William Sankey, Academy-street
George Stevelly, North Main-street
Richard Strange, Mallow-Lane
Odett Spread, Duncan-street
Jonas Travers, Maylor-street
Rd. Bedham Thornhill, Terrence Walk
Samuel Randall Wily, Bachelors-quay
Jonathan Wheeler, Mardyke-street
James Wallis, South-Mall
Terence Woods, St. Domnick-street
John Whelply, St. Finn Barry's
Stamp Office, March 6th, 1800
By order of the Commissioners,