The Building of St Peter's Church

Notes taken from the Annals of St Peter's Church, Cork, compiled from the Parish Books by Richard Caulfield LLD FSA, Sept 16 1872.

1753 July 19: Ordered that the steeple be put in good repair and that a clock be provided and set up in the church.

1755 Feb 25: It was agreed that a bell be affixed on the battlements of the steeple of this parish, the expense not to exceed four pounds.

1755 Mar 18: Whereas the Gallery in the south east part of the church hath for time out of mind belonged to John Crone Esq and his ancestors, agreed that said gallery be registered in his name.

1755 May 5: James Groves appointed Bellour.

1757 Ap 12: The ground joining the steeple be walled in at the expense of the parish.

1758 Feb 22: No exposed child shall henceforth be taken up by the ch. wardens, the poor fund not being sufficient for the provision of them and reduced housekeepers. The same to be advertised in the Cork evening Post and by the Bellman throughout the city.

1765 Oct 21: Resolved that an advertisement be put in Bagnells newspaper that the parish church of St Peters seems in a dangerous condition. It was resolved that an application be made to Parliament for a sufficient sum to rebuild the same. Estimate received for rebuilding the same on the old Foundation on or before Sunday the 29th inst.

1767 Ap 20: Henry Sheares esq, Messrs Grant, Wrixon, Butler, Shettell, Dr Rogers and Alderman Wrixon to wait on the Bishop and Prime Sergeant to request their advice for rebuilding the church.

1769: Ordered that the ground adjoining the steeple belonging to the Parish be immediately walled in.

1769 Aug 28: The church to be whitewashed and plastered.

1769 Oct 30: That the church is ruinous and unfit for the decent and solemn celebration of Divine Service. Resolved that the church be taken down and a subsciption set a foot in the parish to rebuild it. Also application to be made to Parliament for aid. Churchwardens.

1770 Sep 3: Orders this day with consent of Sir Robert Tilson Deane that the sum of 100 pounds by the year be paid to the ch. wardens to be applied to the charity for boys, girls, old men and school masters sallary for present.

1770 Sep 14: Mr Richard Allways appointed Master of Deanes school at 14 pounds per an. That the children assemble every Sunday morning and evening with the master at the school and from there proceed to the church in such a manner as the Minister and ch. wardens shall direct.

1770 Dec 8 Mr Stevely for velvet 11 - 14 - 0.

1783 Aug 29: As the church is unsafe for the congregation to sit in, application be made to the Minister of Christchurch for the use of their church at convenient hours, until the church of St Peters be rebuilt.

1783 Sept 19: That an advertisement be published in the newspaper for selling the seats in the body of the church by pubic auction.

1783: Inscription on a stone slab in the N. Wall:
"This church was rebuilt
in the year of our Lord MDCCLXXXIII
John Forsayeth D.D.
Archdeacon of Cork."

1785 Feb 7: Resolved that the Protestant inhabitants of St Peters address Parliament by petition for aid to repair church.

1785: "This year the sum of 333 - 16 - 11 was spent on the church - it was probably partly (entirely?) rebuilt. The amount of the rate for the roofing was 215 - 6 - 0."

1786: 337.8.4 1/2 for new roof.

1787: The minister and ch wardens with Dr Rogers Messr Wm Leader, Wm Austin, Attwell Hayes be a committee for letting or selling ground belonging to the Parish on which the late steeple stood together with the alms house and the small yard adjoining thereto.

"Inscription of a slab in the S. Wall:
This church was finished in 1788.
Robert Austen D.D. Archdeacon
John Day Esq. - Church Warden
Robert Stevelly Sen. Esq. - Church Warden
James Morrison Esq. - New Overseer
Mr William Austen - New Overseer."

St Peters Church taken from above, before the recent restoration. Notice that the old stone-work was on all but the front facade of the tower.
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St Peter's Church, 2007. Notice the smooth front facade of the tower remains more or less as it was in the older photo above.

This photo taken in 2009 shows the rear north wall of St Peters church. The older stonework has been covered in a smooth orange plasterwork. The stonework on the rear of the tower as seen in 1980 has been covered in a smooth plasterwork as well.
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This photo taken in 1980 shows the rear south wall of St Peters church, at the top of St Peter's Lane. Some of the tenaments shown in the older photos have been removed. The stonework which once covered all but the front facade and the rear of the church can be clearly seen.
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St Peter's Lane with the south wall of the church on the right of the photo taken in 2006. The older stonework of the south wall, like the north wall has been more recently covered in an orange plasterwork.
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St Peters Lane. The recently added coating of orange plaster over the older stonework can be seen in this photo.
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